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Entry #1

Youtube and shit.

2013-02-04 04:23:23 by ShadyChap

Made a Youtube account that I'll be uploading some of my songs on in the future, and because videos need some cover art, here's that too. Yeah, drawn by yours truly.

Linky link:

Now I'll get back to recording so I'll actually have something worthwhile to post there.

Youtube and shit.


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2013-02-04 09:20:27

Artists who can draw or create their own logos are so dope, and lucky.

ShadyChap responds:

Haha, yeah artistic skill is pretty handy to have for a number of things.


2013-04-14 20:51:24

More traaaackssss!


2013-04-16 21:36:12

Where dafuq you been dude?

(Updated ) ShadyChap responds:

I was training my Mic-Fu on a snowy mountain without food or water.

Now, I have returned.